Lions Services Inc., a nonprofit 501c(3), has been dedicated to offering job training and career opportunities to the blind and visually impaired community in Charlotte for the past 88 years! Following high school graduation, Lions Services extends employment opportunities to visually impaired and blind students through our comprehensive workforce development program. This program covers a wide range of sectors, including administration and production. By engaging in this program, students have the chance to acquire essential work experience, aiding in their college preparation and helping them make informed decisions about their future careers.


Informing the Youth


Charlotte S.E.E. students learning from our staff about Lions Services workforce opportunities.

During the week of July 10-14th, Lions Services hosted the students from the Charlotte S.E.E after school Program during summer camp.  The students spent time each day at Lions Services participating in different activities before heading out into the community for some fun!


Practical Training


The Blind Trainer offered students practical hands-on tasks to gain insight into production assembly. They also had the opportunity to experience wearing some of the textile apparel manufactured for the military.


Students curious about our equipment and trying on the helmet.

Image of Staff Familiarizing Inspired Students with Production Assembly at LSI.Students visiting got to spend time in the morning on our new accessible patio enjoying the great weather while interacting with one another, their teachers, and Lions Staff.

Lions Services provided tours to the students. While on the tours, students had the opportunity to meet and receive insights from visually impaired employees regarding the specific job responsibilities they were engaged in.

Thought Provoking Discussions


The president and other employees with vision loss/blindness engaged with the students, sharing their personal experiences of navigating vision loss while attending school and securing employment including challenges along the way. They also addressed the students’ inquiries, providing valuable insights into their respective journeys.


Hands on Assembly Training as shown in this image.

In-Depth Tour


Interacting with Personnel Employed at Lions Services

Discussing Training Opportunities While Touring the Facility shown in this image.A significant number of students expressed their curiosity about potential internships and job openings both during their school years and following their high school graduation. Allowing students to observe the work of responsible Lions Services employees, teaching safety and awareness. Our staff encouraged optimism in students, highlighting the independence of our employees. Charlotte students recognized how our workforce supports their success while providing college preparations that extensively include low vision individuals.