Carolina Crushers Bowling Team Group Photo with Michael Baggett and Peggy Washington

The Carolina Crushers

Bowling is an activity widely known to require observation, dexterity, and precision. Attempting it blindfolded would discourage most people from trying it. To Michael Baggett and Peggy Washington though, that’s just a regular part of the challenge. These who, members of the Carolina Crushers bowling team, bring with them a fearless gameplan to succeed with little to no vision.

Michael Adapts.

Michael Baggett Bowling as Vice President of Carolina Crushers team shown in this image.Imagine you’re diagnosed with a visual impairment at the age of 5 and didn’t become interested in bowling until 17 years old. Picture also competing with someone who may see an object 20 – 100 feet away as if they had a microscope, while you could barely tell if it was night or day. Michael Baggett senses light and specific patterns that can help him aim down a lane, but is missing detailed sight. He still proves capable of scoring multiple strikes however, and the only special equipment involved is a set of wrist guards to prevent sprains. He and Peggy proudly point out that there have been no injuries on their 15-member team.

Peggy Prevails.

Peggy Washington, President of the Carolina Crushers as shown in this image.Peggy Washington, who is also visually impaired, has “been bowling for many years” and is the current President of the Carolina Crushers. For as long as she could remember, Peggy Washington was participating in events around the state of North Carolina, and placed first in a Greensboro competition. The average bowler scores around 70 points per game, whereas Peggy routinely scores as high as 175 points– an outstanding performance from someone without typical sight.

Striking Achievements!

Peggy Washington, President of the Carolina Crushers with Her Team in this Image.

Persistence is key for Michael. While discussing the rough edges those attempting to learn the techniques of the sport, he explained that facing blindness head on and developing bowling skills both require effort. We’re impressed that he’s handling the ball so well under pressure against competitors who have full sight. Striking down pins 60 feet away, Michael Baggett achieves his goals without batting an eye. His technique beats otherwise encumbering odds.

Who’s Keeping Score?

As if the sport wasn’t hard enough, there are additional responsibilities. Peggy Washington keeps scores and preps the team before important matches. She learned how to bowl effectively at a young age, engaging bowling events even outside the Carolina Crushers. That being said, they focus on fun as much as anything else. Michael points out that bowling with teammates was the most rewarding part of the experience. “Gathering socially among friends that treated each other with respect” while enjoying delicious food together after intense games is the most important part of the experience. For Michael and Peggy, it is easily to encapsulate this camaraderie into a single statement – “Just have fun.”

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