Discovering Hope at Lions Services!

Tune in as Bonnie English shares her personal journey with blindness, shedding light on how employment at Lions Services became the catalyst for newfound hope and purpose in her life. Bonnie’s narrative is just one of the many stories where Lions Services, through our impactful Workforce Development program, has played a pivotal role.

There Are Over 17,000+ Lives Are Affected By Vision Loss in Charlotte, North Carolina

This number (16,000) is on the rise, but Lions Services is dedicated to supporting these individuals through our Workforce Development Programs. Lions Services is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has provided employment opportunities to the blind and visually impaired community for over 88+ years.

LSI has positively impacted the lives of those suffering from vision loss, helping them to discover more ways to develop confidence, boost their self-efficiency, and more. View the Lions Services Inc. 2023 impact report here.

Our Impact in Charlotte

Lions Services empowers those affected by visual impairment who may struggle to find optimal employment. Take a look at a man named Norman who has found a breath of independence. He talks about his inspiring journey during his 7+ years of employment at Lions Services, an organization that’s been leading the people of the Carolinas for over 88 years.