Image Displays Discussion with Lions Services Staff and Charlotte Museum of History Team

Accessibility Training Conference & Tour

On 9/11/2023,

The Staff at Lions Services and The Charlotte Museum of History collaborated, working together to conduct an accessibility training session. This collaborative effort involved the Executive Director and Staff from The Charlotte Museum of History. The focus of the training was on assisting individuals with vision loss during museum visits, seeking feedback on their needs and preferences when navigating cultural spaces. As part of the initiative, Lions Services organized a panel featuring employees with blindness or low vision who shared their insights and experiences visiting museums, shedding light on ways to enhance their overall museum experience.  The Staff of the Charlotte Museum of History were provided a tour of the entire facility where they got to visit and speak with employees about working with disability in various work departments.

Charlotte Museum Of History

The Charlotte Museum of history first opened its doors to the Charlotte community in July of 1976. The Charlotte Museum of History has preserved and shared our region’s history, connecting the past to current issues and opportunities.

Our Mission’s Purpose

The Charlotte Museum of History is in the process of arranging a future visit for a panel of employees with blindness or low vision. The purpose is to provide them with a one-on-one training experience, allowing them to navigate and explore the museum firsthand to engage art through tactile exploration and audio guided tours that will be provided by the museum staff. The goal is to understand their perspectives and explore ways to enhance their overall museum experience.