Lions Services employs people who are blind and visually impaired through our Workforce Development Program offering training to learn and increase work skills to help people with blindness and vision loss to succeed and have gainful employment. The Agency has a Full Time Trainer and uses mechanical devices in production to help convert jobs to blind friendly jobs.

A success story of our Workforce Development Program is Nicole Eberhardt whom has been employed at Lions Services for 18 years! Nicole has worked in various production assembly and machine operating jobs over the many years and went back and obtained her High School diploma graduating in May of 2022. Through hard work and perseverance, Nicole was promoted to the Administrative Assistant at Lions Services in August 2022. Lions Services provides accessible devices needed by individuals with vision loss to perform their jobs such as CCTV monitors, hand held magnifiers, and many other types of devices through grants and the Blind Support Fund. Nicole has worked very hard over the years to overcome employment obstacles and challenges while having a vision impairment. Nicole has served on the Communications Committee at Lions Services, a group of 5 employees whom are blind and visually impaired that meet monthly.

Lions Services works with National Industries for the Blind Advocacy Program and Nicole was nominated by Lions and chosen by NIB to become the NIB Advocate for 2023. Nicole has been receiving advocates training by National Industries for the Blind and on May 10th 2023, Nicole visited Capitol Hill with other North Carolina NIB affiliated Agencies advocating for employment issues for people who are blind as well as issues concerning the AbilityOne Program.