Dart Throwing took George's Heart Early on During College. This Cover showcases George Littlejohn Holding His Own Case of Precision Darts.

George is Fully Blind & Competes in Dart Throwing Competitions.

Meet George Littlejohn, a fully blind member of the Lions Services team with an unwavering passion for dart throwing. Darts is a tough game without the additional challenge of blindness, yet George has turned it into a source of joy, camaraderie, and reward. This article delves into George’s inspiring story, shedding light on his experiences, techniques, and the inclusive approach he has adopted in the world of competitive dart throwing.

George, who was born blind, discovered his love for dart throwing in college. With an innate determination to overcome obstacles, he embraced the game using special audio dartboards, spotters, and his other heightened senses. George was accustomed to picking up advanced skills, having already learned Braille by the age of 5 and his determination to learn has taken him to a high level in the game.

Technique and Experience

Years of dedicated practice has refined George’s dart-throwing technique, proving that limitations can be transformed into strengths. He has been on win streaks and thrown bullseyes, something that even a typically abled person would struggle to achieve. His ability to use auditory cues, and great spatial awareness has not only made him a formidable player but also a pioneer in adapting the game for the visually impaired.

Companionship and Community

For George, dart throwing is more than a sport – it’s a means of building lasting companionships. George has created a supportive community that transcends the boundaries of blindness. The connections he has made along the way have become an integral part of his journey. He befriended an individual who eventually created their own Audio Dartboard. George and his peers have studied the sport closely in order to make the game more inclusive and enjoyable.

Inclusive Competitions

The game rules for blind darts specify that every player must be blindfolded. This ensures a level playing field for people with differing levels of visual impairment. Sighted volunteers play a crucial role in facilitating the games, ensuring safety while allowing blind participants to compete. This inclusive approach has garnered attention and admiration within the dart-throwing community.

Giving Back

George’s wins are not just a testament to his skill but also a means to support and uplift the blind community. George states “I know what it is like to be blind, and I want to help other blind people.” He teaches both sighted and blind individuals how to play darts, emphasizing inclusivity and offering a helping hand to those who need it.

George Littlejohn’s dart throwing journey is a testament to the power of passion, determination, and inclusivity. Through overcoming the challenges of blindness, he has not only excelled in a competitive sport but has also become a beacon of inspiration for individuals facing similar obstacles. George’s story highlights the transformative impact of embracing one’s passions, fostering community, and breaking down barriers for a more inclusive future.

Image Shows a Box Full of Darts. The Flights have Flame Designs & Patterns. Many Darts inside a Bacl Box with Blindfold Tucked in Corner. Part of George's Collection of Darts.

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